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The blessings of the sea and salted air. Mother gifted those of us on the Northern Beaches with her splendour. Like seedlings from the earth, raised to live alongside the wattle and wade into the cool water. From ageless summers and sticky evenings to the grand ocean swell that winter invites. The shift of the seasons marked by the calls of Humpback Wales and dolphins making southerly commutes. Joelan Wong’s ‘Solace’ is a celebration of nature in transition, our relationship to our home - not as a static moment but a dynamic and ever evolving relationship. The body of work taps into the innate human desire to be in a meaningful relationship with our natural world and the emotions that can yield - tranquillity, groundedness and calm.

Humanities first home was found amongst the cover of tall grasses, the overhangs that provided shelter from rain and brooks abundant with fish - Wong invites you to return to the first home with ‘Solace.’

Wong is an abstract expressionist artist, utilising gestural brush strokes and mark making. Framed in gorgeous Tasmanian Oak, the Solace collection has been informed by a childhood spent amongst the dirt and trees. The palette of sandstone and earthly minerals accompany his preference for organic shapes to form abstract dreamscapes that generate a very genuine affect of tranquility and introspection.

-Lev Jutsen

'Solace' - Solo Exhibition


Art Direction

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